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Best Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Market in Dubai

Posted by admin on December 19, 2022

Real estate is a booming business sector in Dubai. Because of that, there is a very strong competition between the companies in the field. That’s why you should know marketing well to stay ahead of all of them.

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Here we are going to discuss about some such marketing ideas. Below we have invented some real estate marketing ideas which to real estate brokers use to promote their business. These marketing ideas will help you make a successful marketing plan.

  • Create a website
  • Design an attractive Website UI
  • Create a blog
  • Partner with local businesses
  • Use virtual staging
  • Expand email marketing campaigns
  • Seek  experimental marketing
  • Build your own videos
  • Use drone photography
  • Pay-per-click advertising
  • Actively take advantage of social media profiles
  • Chat bots & live chat for real estate websites
  • Collect and display testimonials
  • Film video walkthroughs
  • Anchorage traditional advertising media
  • Optimize website for mobile
  • Make an extraordinary business card
  • Co-host a webinar
  • Enquire for referrals
  • Run a paid instagram promotion

Let us discuss about them briefly now

  • Create a website: nowadays many consumers search the internet to research services and products before making a purchase. Creating a website for your real estate business will show anticipated clients what you have to offer. Involve listings on your website and update them continuously. This will help keep prospects coming to your website when they’re looking for properties
website | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Design an attractive Website UI: Expired websites can turn off most potential buyers, so even if you already have a website, consider giving it a maintenance. Real estate websites need to achieve three things
    1. Attract visitors with beautiful design
    2. Make it simple to find information with instinctive and simple navigation
    3. Get potential clients to take action and call you
  • Create a blog:  you can create a blog and build content optimized for search engine optimization (SEO). This ensures that your posts show up in prospect search results every time. Tools like Ahrefs and Google analytics can assist you find the search terms and keywords your target customers are looking for and inspire you with new topic ideas. Make it simple for them to navigate to your main website and link to profile pages on other real estate sites so they can  learn more about you and your business
  • Partner with local businesses: use your local connections and partner with boutiques, coffee shops and home décor showrooms to promote listings and invite them to attend housewarming events. For a unique way to encourage potential visitors to your house warming, set up pop-up shops in different rooms of the house. This inspires the potential buyers to visit each room, and you can work with local businesses to determine inventory discounts that can be offered to home buyers.
partner with local businesses| real estate brokers in dubai
  • Use virtual staging: to build buyer interest, provide them a sneak preview of what the home will look like with a virtual staging website. Online staging saves the money and time of physically staging a property. A study of 2018 ,more than 4,200 homes found that 85 percent of staged homes put on sale for 6-25% more than nonstaged homes
virtual staging | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Expand email marketing campaigns: send a monthly newsletter of your blog content and contact contacts when new property listings become available. Add pictures of the properties that link to the full listing, a virtual staging of the home or a video walkthrough of the property
  • Seek experimental marketing:  experimental marketing engages your prospects and invites your audience to interact with a business in a real-world setting. Give a tour of the are you are selling, host and event to educate home buyers in the area about the home buying process, or prepare an open house and invite buyers to visit the home
  • Build your own videos: it is a fat that video can be more powerful tool for real estate agents. It does not have to cost thousands. Whether you go for high quality video testimonials, or use video software to record a message from your laptop, video can be a best way to pith your services to a potential client.
  • Use drone photography: take sweeping shots of the home’s exterior and surrounding landscape with drones. Use photos to add an elements of enthusiasm to your listings, you can use video to additive your virtual tours for walking tours and show outdoor features like courtyards and pools
drone photography | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Pay-per-click advertising: pay-per-click advertising, also known as PPC, is one of the most popular digital marketing techniques used by real estate agents to directly target potential customers. The most important advantage of pay per click advertising is that you are not charged until someone clicks on your ads. According to research, marketers average a 2.5% conversion rate using adwords. Thus, pay per click is an effective internet advertising medium used to drive traffic to websites, whereby an advertiser pay the website owner only when the  ad is clicked
  • Actively take advantage of social media profiles: maintaining an active and engaging social media is a good way to position yourself as a trusted advisor to prospects, generate interest, and connect with potential clients. Join local Facebook groups and answer relevant questions that pop up in them and make similar moves on other social media like LinkedIn and twitter. You can also share helpful contents with your followers. One way or another, build yourself as an authority in your niche by showing that you know what you are talking about
social media | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Chat bots & live chat for property websites: your website visitors don’t just come and go. Take advantage of every opportunity for them to contact you with real time live chat services. For chat bots try making default questions of frequently asked questions so they can get quick answers. Websites with chat bots or live chats have twice the lead generation as websites without either. It doesn’t cost more and you get more property leads for the same marketing budget
chat bot | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Collect and display testimonials: your past happy customers are a big source of building credibility and building trust with your marketing in real estate. If sales are going well, contact customers you have helped and get a paragraph- long message defining how helpful you were. Once you have got that contents put it on your website with the client’s permission, so potential customers get a real sense of how well you have served people in their position in the past
  • Film video walkthroughs: modern customers hold mesmeric experiences especially when it comes to knowing the homes they might buy. If you are selling or leasing the real estates, taking complete  video tours of the and sharing those clips with your listings can add a degree of credibility and fascinate to your real estate marketing
  • Anchorage traditional advertising media:  while the real estate market has not been spared from the rising tide of digital transformation, some old school marketing strategies can still play an effective real estate marketing strategy. Traditional media such as billboards and print ads often provide a major boost to real estate agent’s marketing efforts
Traditional media | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Optimize website for mobile: optimizing website for mobile is important to any business people who maintain websites and real estate agents are no exception. You need your web experience to be as seamless as possible. Prospects don’t need to deal with a desktop condensed onto a phone screen mobile site when they need to know more about your business
optimize for mobile | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Make an extraordinary business card: printing thick, visually appealing business cards is one of the best ways for real estate professional to get their brands out there and indicate your professionalism. Business cards are easy to distribute and help you capitalize on the personal interactions you have with potential customers
business card | real estate brokers in dubai
  • Co-host a webinar: do you need to make it simple for buyers and seller in your area to understand the present market, associate with a local pawnbroker, Title Company or your favourite staging service to host a webinar on a topic of interest to those considering a real estate progress. You could partner with a local home improvement service to host a webinar on the five most valuable improvements sellers can make to their homes to increase sales prices
  • Enquire for referrals:  41% of sellers who use a real estate agent found that agent through a referral from friends or family. after they settle into their new home, Ask buyers how they are doing a few months and include a referral request in your mail
  • Run a paid instagram promotion: instagram is a strong tool for connecting with property buyers, promoting you listings and growing your brand. Your most beautiful image can reach more people with paid promotion.
Instagram promotion | real estate brokers in dubai

Although there are many good ideas for marketing real estate in Dubai, we have examined some very important information in them so far. If you implement the above mentioned things, you can definitely achieve growth in your business

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