How Profitable is Real Estate Market in Dubai?

Dubai, which has become one of the best business hubs in the world, has seen lot of growth in the real estate sector in recent years. Moreover, when people from all over the world are trying to establish themselves in great country like Dubai, the profit potential of the real estate sector is also increasing. If you invest in the real estate sector by paying attention to the nature of the market and investing in the real estate sector, it is possible to make a good profit in this sector

The lowest price for investors is AED 360,000 (\$100,000). You can find a cheap property, but it may be impossible to get enough income from it or immediately after registration. However, there is a wide range of properties that can be bought profitably as an investment in Dubai

Although the market has slowed in the last year or two, Dubai real estate is still generating good returns. Yields in excess of 6% are not uncommon here, making Dubai’s property market more profitable than many other popular cities

Affordable price; Attractive profitability ratio when renting housing. Apartments can bring profits of up to 7-8% per annum, and the figures depend on the property figures and its location. For villas sold in Dubai, this indicator is low, reaching 4.5-55.  

Although there are many other businessmen in Dubai, they all invest in the real estate sector in a small way, all this is by understanding the profit potential in it.                  


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