Are you in the puzzled on which real estate broker to approach? If so first of all you must know about the real estate market in Dubai .There are many variety of aspects to buying or selling a property in Dubai. Let’s discuss about some interesting details about real estate in Dubai in 2022 in the following

  1. High return on investment
  2. Become a permanent resident with property investment in Dubai
  3. Dubai is vast area to investment
  4. The most secure place to invest
  5. Real Estate In Dubai is in high demand
  6. Unusual and fascinating places in the city
  7. Excellent transportation system.

Now let’s briefly discuss about the interesting details of real estate in Dubai mentioned above

      1. High return on investment: compared with other metropolitan cities in the globe, all the investors choosing Dubai for a real estate market. It is only because of the enormous return of investment profits from rental yields. Also, you can expect an ROI f 7-8 % on properties in Dubai compared to 3-4 % in London, hong-kong and other cities.

2. Be a permanent resident with property investment in Dubai: On the basis Dubai land apartments, as per guidelines, the applicant can apply for a residence visa in Dubai if the applicant owns a property worth AED 700,000 in Dubai and get a Golden Visa for 10 years for investing anything above 2 Million AED. 

3. Dubai is vast area to invest: To understand the Dubai housing market, first you must consider the residents of Dubai. Dubai is home to approximately 2.9 million residents living within the city and this number is expected to rise to approximately 5 million by 2030. It is a huge market for real estate development, be it resident homes, office space, commercial space or even retail property.

4. The most secure place to invest: According to the results of study conducted in 2019, the UAE is the safest place anywhere globally to live and work. It is also best place to grow for better growth of your business.

“The real estate market in Dubai ensures a high protection and security to investors.” Unlike other global sectors your assets & properties are safe in Dubai with best facilities.

5. Real estate In Dubai is in high demand: The real estate market in Dubai is underperforming, especially in the premium segment, this is because real property is in short supply and most investors are unable to build the luxury homes they desire. Due to large market and huge potential offered by Dubai the demand from investors is also very high. It means that the Dubai real estate market is one of the most attractive investment destinations globally

6. Unusual and fascinating places in the city: the land of magnificent structure and majestic architecture attracts the attention of people from all over the world who want to secure an opportunity to live in Dubai. Many people say that there is no better place than Dubai to invest in property. Imagine waking up to beautiful views of the palm jumeirah or the extremely popular Dubai sports city with its many amenities

 7. Excellent transportation system: Dubai has a good transportation system which makes it easy to get around the city. You all know that Dubai metro is one of the most popular transport system. Dubai metro is renowned among commuters for its efficiency, safety and cleanliness. There is also a system of widely used and highly efficient bus and taxi services. This makes travelling in Dubai easier than ever.


Yes, Dubai Properties sells freehold properties to both local residents and international investors. With communities and towers in some of Dubai’s most popular destinations, including:

  • 1/JBR, a luxury residential tower in Jumeirah Beach Residence.
  • Residential towers in Business Bay, which include Bellevue Towers.
  • Mixed-use residential communities in Dubailand including, Mudon, Villanova, Serena and Remraam.
  • Dubai Wharf and Manazel Al Khor residential projects on the Dubai Creek.

Dubai Properties is a subsidiary of, and the real estate arm of Dubai Holding, the global investment conglomerate.

Yes, the laws in Dubai permit residents and international investors to purchase property in Dubai’s freehold market.

Yes, any person of any nationality, whether they are a resident of Dubai or based abroad, can purchase property in Dubai’s freehold market. You are not required to hold any type of residency or similar permit in order to purchase property.

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