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Latest Trends of Real Estate Market in Dubai

Posted by admin on January 12, 2023
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Real estate market in Dubai is one of the most exciting sector globally. Prices have been soaring for years ad show no signs of slowing down anytime soon. If you are planning of buying a property in Dubai, it is essential to know about latest real estate market trend to make an informed decision.

                                                                Property developers of Dubai accomplished one of the largest quarters in history. Total transactions from January to March 2022 were valued 15.3 billion dollar and surpassed 20,000 making it the largest first quarter to date. Most of these transactions were sales of apartments from leading property developers in Dubai. Sales of new off-plan developments increased by 95 % and secondary market resale sales increased by 75 percent. Compared to first quarter of 2021, 77 percent flats and 58 percent villas were sold in first quarter of 2022.

real estate trends |real estate brokers in dubai

                                                                The Create policies of Emirate and a steady influx of property developers in UAE, the rapid recovery from the pandemic, and visa reforms that have increased Dubai’s demand for long- term homes have seen property rental and sale prices rise frequently in Dubai. Property developers in the UAE have noticed remarkable demand for townhouses and large villas, in pattern of pandemic purchasing. Locals and expats alike are stretching to favour branded homes as a housing option.

                                                                According to CBRE’s latest Dubai market report, average residential property prices increased by 10.9 percent in the year to May 2022, suite prices increased by 9.6 percent and villa prices increased by 19.8 percent.

                                                                According to the survey, rental property prices in Dubai increased by 0.4 percent month on month, while villa prices increased by 1.2 percent. At the high end of the market, Dubai property developers have seen some of the biggest increases. The market for luxury real estate in Dubai has detonated in the past year, with prices increasing by nearly 60 percent

                                                                According to data from CBRE, in palm jumeirah villa prices rose by 5 percent in April, while those in jumeirah and jumeirah Golf estates rose by 3.7 percent and 4.6 percent respectively. Villa prices in Al Barari rose by 4.9 percent in April.

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                                                                The old town and palm jumeirah experienced the biggest increased in the suit market, each growing by 4 percent. Jumeirah golf estates properties and Meydan city accomplished price hikes last month

                                                                Those locations received the highest average sales price per square foot, with rental prices starting at AED 2,045 for residential properties in downtown Dubai and AED 3,207 for villas in palm jumeirah. While conventional prices for flat property rentals in Dubai were 1,102 dirhams per square foot and villas at 1,307 dirhams in May, they are still 25.9 percent and 9.5 percent lower than the end 2014 high, respectively, according to CBRE.                                                                 Real manor market of Dubai is well positioned to grow exponentially and attract more buyers both locally and internationally, thanks to forward thinking government,first class infrastructure and a multi-cultural corporate climate. Dubai’s property developers are expected to grow further

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                                                                As the Dubai’s economy pursues to grow, the demand for luxury property also increase. This is conspicuous in property price trends in Dubai, with an increasing number of high-end houses and apartments. Last year alone, the price of luxury goods increased by 20 percent. This trend is driven by a number of factors, including Dubai’s growth population, which is now estimated to be over 2.5 million people. The infrastructure of city is also enhancing, making it an attractive landing place for businesses and families alike. As more people move to Dubai, the demand for luxury accommodation is high. This has led to construction boom in recent years, with many new developments emerging across the city

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                                                                The property market in Dubai is one of the most expensive in the world and therefore, prices for prime real estate continue to spite of the global economic downturn, with prices increasing by 5 percent over the past year, the Dubai property market remains strong. Completion for prime real estate is getting ferocious as more people are pinched to the city by its tax free status and luxury lifestyle. This is especially correct for properties in prudent locations such as downtown Dubai and palm jumeirah           

                                                                                Corporates, Governments and individuals are becoming more aware about their duties for feasible buildings in urban cities contribute 40% of carbon emissions worldwide, it is the responsibility of all property developers to put sustainable solutions at the heart of the development process ad to put legislation and incentives in place to increase feasible development opportunities

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                                                                In the recent years, in Dubai, the establishment of high rise buildings has increased. This is because of the population growth of the city and the need for more housing. Changes in the rules have also led to increase in multi-storey construction. As population of Dubai continues to grow and demand for housing remains high, the trend towards high rise buildings will continue in the future. Developers are trying to meet the housing demand by building taller buildings. Therefore, tall buildings will become more common in the city as developers look to maximize land use.

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                                                                Dubai’s traditional architecture is a blend of Persian, Arabic and Islamic styles. Although, in the latest years there has been a shift towards modern architecture.  This is most evident in the establishment of new skyscrapers and tall buildings. This change is because of the increasing number of global businesses and investors coming to Dubai. They are fascinated by the modern infrastructure of city and its tax free status. As a result demand for office space and luxury apartments is on the rise. This has led to a boom in the construction industry, with many new buildings being built every year. The trend towards modern architecture is also apparent in the outline of residential properties.

                                                                The shift from traditional to modern architecture is likely to pursue in the coming years as Dubai becomes more proliferated. It will provide a chance for developers and architects to build innovative and exciting buildings that will help further establish the city as a leading international destination. The Dubai’s free areas development contributed to the economy of city and growth as an international destination.  This trend is set to carry on in the coming years as fresh projects and enterprises are underway to further stimulate the emirate’s property market. One of the most remarkable developments in recent is the beginning of e-Dirham system of Dubai land department (DLD), which allows electronic registration of property transactions. This is look forwarded to make it simple to for buyers and sellers to complete undertakings and inspire more activity in the real estate market.

                                                                The increase in the number of Emirati property buyers indicates that the Dubai real estate market is becoming more stable and attracting investors. This is due to various elements including the improving economy and trust in Dubai real estate market.

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                                                                Proclivity for off-plan properties in Dubai  is increasing as buyers  plan to invest in new projects.42 percent of buyers in Dubai are interested in off plan unites, according to a recent report by property finder. This is a remarkable growth from the 32 percent who said they were interested in off plan properties in 2017. The report credits this shift to several elements including attractive payment plans and the potential for capital appreciation. Off plan properties have become increasingly famous in Dubai as developers offer best payment plans. This often allows buyers to pay a small down payment up front, and the rest is due upon completion. This will make investment in property more attainable to buyers who do not have the full amount required for readymade property.

                                                Along with attractive payment plans, the potential for capital appreciation is another element driving interest in off-plan properties. When a property is bought off plan, it is usually sold for less than the targeted market value on completion. This means there is potential for healthy income when the property is ultimately sold or rented out

                                                From the beginning of 2019, there has been an increase in foreign investment into the property market in Dubai. This is noticeable in the number of transactions taking place and the total value of deposits. The increase in foreign investment is a good news for Dubai real estate market. This shows that the confidence is growing in the market and there are many opportunities for those who want to invest. The long term possibilities of the market remain positive and this trend is expected to carry on in the coming months.

                                                Totally, trends of real estate market in Dubai have been rising in recent years. The growing economy of Dubai and population have played a large role in this trend, although there have been some booms, such as during the global financial crisis in 2008.although the market later recovered and grew.

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