Why you should travel to Dubai in December 2022

Dubai is one of the most popular and sought vacation destinations for thousands of people all over the world. This city has it everything, from the world’s tallest structure to the world’s second largest retail mall. It is a destination for wealthy individuals from all over the world to spend their vacations in luxury and extravagance. In less than 50 years, Dubai has changed itself from a tiny fishing hamlet to an opulent and luxurious global city. Every year, millions of people visit Dubai to see the Burj Khalifa, Dubai Shopping Mall, Desert Safari, Palm Island, and many more breathtaking monuments.

Furthermore, Dubai has hot and sunny weather all year round. Even in the dead of winter, it’s hot and humid. As a result, many Northern Hemisphere visitors visit this Arab nation during the months of December and January. December is an excellent time to visit Dubai and enjoy some fantastic fun activities and man-made wonders. In today’s blog, we’ll talk about a trip to Dubai in December, among other things.

Dubai Weather In December

Because to the arid desert environment, Dubai is typically sunny and hot throughout the year. Despite the advent of the cold season in December, temperatures in this city do not vary greatly from their origins. Temperatures often drop to 15°C to 16°C at night when the sun sets, and they reach 26°C to 30° during the day. Dubai’s tropical environment makes it a haven for individuals who like summer and a variety of water activities.

During the day, the sun shines for at least 8-10 hours, and the saltwater averages approximately 24°C most of the year. Because the humidity is low, we recommend that you always have a water bottle with you. As the evening approaches, the mood becomes considerably more calming, allowing you to explore the city much more thoroughly than during the day.

3 Reasons Why December Is The Best Time

There are several reasons why you should visit Dubai. However, we believe there are three main reasons why travelers come to this city during this month of the year. Here are three compelling reasons why you should visit Dubai in December.

1. Perfect Weather

Because of the pleasant tropical weather, December is an ideal time to visit Dubai. If you are facing chilly weather in your hometown, Dubai might be the ideal retreat where you can enjoy the warm sun and engage in opulent activities. The burning heat has dissipated, yet it remains warm. Desert trips and yachting are two examples.

2. Holiday Festivities

On several days throughout December, notably the 25th and 31st, Dubai is beautifully illuminated with fairy lights and mesmerizing pyrotechnics. Don’t forget to check out the Burj Khalifa’s light and sound spectacular on both of these days. Several vibrant parties, street festivals, events, and other live entertainments are planned during this period. This allows you to enjoy a celebration that is a mix of current and classic styles.

3. December Special

There are some events which take place only during this one month of the year. Some of them are Dubai International Film Festival, Dubai Shopping Festival and the UAE National Day Festival. Other special activities in which you can participate include hot air balloon ride, camel ride, deep-sea diving and skydiving. The perfect weather in December allows the tourists to do all these without any worries.

5 Best Things To Do In Dubai In December

When you are in Dubai there is no dearth of activities that you can carry out in this Arab city. There are plenty of recreational facilities that will keep you busy throughout the day. In this segment, take a look at the best things which you can do in Dubai in December.

1. Visit Burj Khalifa

If you are in Dubai, you will be able to see the Burj Khalifa from every vantage point. This 825-meter-tall man-made technical marvel offers a stunning panoramic perspective of the whole city. Don’t forget to visit the Burj on the 31st night to experience the big light and sound spectacle. Nothing could be a better way to start the new year than with your family.

2. Enjoy The La Perle Show

The La Perle Show, designed and developed by the great Franco Dragone, is aesthetically captivating and presents the audience with a mesmerizing experience. The theatre is one-of-a-kind, with more than 60 world-class performers doing astounding acrobatics and remarkable feats during the play. If you are visiting Dubai with your children, this is a must-see attraction.

3. Hop On A Dhow Cruise

The Dhow Cruise is an excellent opportunity to see the metropolis. The trip travels down Dubai Creek aboard an authentic wooden Arab Dhow that embodies classic Bedouin charm. The trip lasts two hours, and the meal is wonderful and tasty.

4. Skydiving

Skydiving in Dubai is one of the must-do activities for all adventure seekers, among many others. Dive into the air from over 14,000 feet and come crashing down to the ground before being dragged away by the parachute. You may select from many skydiving packages and can incorporate it in advance in your cheap vacations to Dubai in December package for economical costs.

5. Enjoy A Desert Safari

Desert safari in Dubai is one of the best things to do in Dubai in December. You can visit the vast expanse of the Arabian Desert and participate in different desert activities like sand bashing, sandboarding, quad bikes and the much-desired camel ride. Also, stay overnight at one of the Bedouin tents and enjoy your time listening to traditional songs, witnessing belly dance, and eating local cuisine.

What To Wear In Dubai In December

As previously said, Dubai has hot and humid weather for the most of the year. As a result, we advise travellers to pack light for the month of December as well. To explore more comfortably, carry half-sleeve t-shirts, shorts, cotton shirts, and sandals. However, bear in mind that Dubai has specific dress code regulations. Bikinis and undercut crops are not permitted. That is why you must have long dresses, blouses, shirts, t-shirts, slacks, hoodies, sweaters, and jeans on hand.

Women should wear clothes that are not too tight, are not see-through, and do not expose too much of their skin to the outside world. Make sure to pack your sunscreen, sunglasses and hats to keep the direct sun rays off your skin

Frequently Asked Questions About Dubai In December

Q. Is December a good time to visit Dubai?

Yes. December is one of the best months of the year when you can visit Dubai. The temperature is hot and warm but not scorching like it is during the summer months. Also, there are various festivals and events that are held during this time of the year.

Q. Is it cold in Dubai in December?

No. The average temperature in Dubai during the weeks of December are between 24°C to 30°C. Hence, Dubai experiences a dry and hot climate even in the month of December.

Q. How hot is Dubai in December?

The temperatures in Dubai in December are hot. But it is not similar to the temperatures that are prevalent during the summer months. The minimum average temperature is 24°C and the maximum is around 30°C in most regions.

Q. Can you swim in December in Dubai?

Yes. You can surely swim and take part in different water activities in Dubai this month. The water temperature is about 23°C, making it really comfortable and perfect for it.

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